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Home energy saving products to help you to preserve and create energy:

We have bunches of approaches in the form of energy saving products to help you lessen your monthly bills – from protecting your home to generate your own particular energy, utilizing the solar energy or other characteristic assets. You can even earn more cash by offering surplus energy you make back to power.

MF Energy offers an extensive variety of energy saving lighting choices for residential, business, and commercial and modern organizations for mass request. Many service organizations, program chiefs, contractual workers, and legislative offices depend on us to be the one-stop hotspot for all energy saving products. Energy saving products manufactured, supplied and exported by MF Energy is: Solar torch, LED lights, E-Monitors, LED street lights, energy saving electric wires and solar chargers.

  • Solar Torch
  • LED Lights
  • E-Rickshaw (with Solar/Battery)
  • E-Monitor
  • LED Street Lights
  • Energy Saving Electric WiresSolar Charger
  • Solar Charger